Visualization of music notes’ frequency

Jimmy (xiaoke) Shen
2 min readJun 7, 2024

From [1] we can find the music note. I am not sure the math relation of those frequency and wants to figure it out.

Every note’s frequency is doubled when move from Octave n to Octave n + 1

We can easily check A. And we can see similar conclusion for other notes although they may not be perfect of 2 but 1.9999XXX are very close.

From C to B, the frequency does not follow a linear pattern.

Actually, it is exponentially increasing.

Let’s check the Octave 4 first as the C here is middle C in piano.

In order to better visualization, I give each note an ID from 0 to 11.

Visualization of all 9 Octave can be found below