Don’t look back, go forward?

1871. Jump Game VII

This is the third problem of LC weekly contest (May 22, 2021). If we look forward, for each 0, we have a region which are reachable, we have to update that region. This process will make the algorithm have the complexity of O(n²), hence it will get TLE.

   L              R

Reference Code

class Solution {
bool canReach(string s, int minJump, int maxJump) {
const int n = s.size();
vector<bool> reachable(n+1, false);
vector<int> prefixsum(n+1, 0);
reachable[1] = true;
prefixsum[1] = 1;
// use 1 based index
for (int i = 1; i <=n; ++i)
if (s[i-1] == '1')
prefixsum[i] = prefixsum[i-1];
// look back to see whether we have any reachable points in the region [l, r], if so, the point i can be reachable.
// See if any points reachable in [l, r], we can check the prefix sum. If we have any true in [l, R], the region sum
// should be greater than 0.
int l = i - maxJump, r = i - minJump;
// if r is less than 1, it means this zero is unreachable.
if (r >= 1) {
l = max(1, l);
reachable[i] = prefixsum[r] - prefixsum[l-1] > 0;
prefixsum[i] = prefixsum[i-1] + reachable[i];
return reachable[n];





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