Advanced binary tree problems

776. Split BST

Solve it recursively

* Definition for a binary tree node.
* struct TreeNode {
* int val;
* TreeNode *left;
* TreeNode *right;
* TreeNode() : val(0), left(nullptr), right(nullptr) {}
* TreeNode(int x) : val(x), left(nullptr), right(nullptr) {}
* TreeNode(int x, TreeNode *left, TreeNode *right) : val(x), left(left), right(right) {}
* };
class Solution {
vector<TreeNode*> splitBST(TreeNode* root, int V) {
vector<TreeNode*> ret;
if (!root) return {nullptr, nullptr};
if (root->val == V) {
auto right = root->right;
root->right = nullptr;
return ret;
else {
if (root->val > V) {
auto left = splitBST(root->left, V);
root->left = left[1];
return ret;
else {
auto right = splitBST(root->right, V);
root->right = right[0];
return ret;




Data Scientist/MLE/SWE @takemobi

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Jimmy Shen

Jimmy Shen

Data Scientist/MLE/SWE @takemobi

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