by Using BFS or Dijkstra algorithm

Blabla before diving into the question

Word Search II

Naive backtracking

typedef pair<int, int> PII;
const vector<PII> dirs = {{0, 1},{0, -1},{1, 0},{-1, 0}};
int seen[10][10];
class Solution {
string word;
vector<vector<char>> board;
int n, m;
bool backtrack(vector<PII>& candidates, int…


882. Reachable Nodes In Subdivided Graph

Rotate a Box Under Gravity


vector<vector<string>> rotate(vector<vector<string>>& matrix){
const int n = matrix.size(), m = matrix[0].size()…


计算机模型BERT 怎么看

Jimmy Shen

Data Scientist/MLE/SWE @takemobi

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